I Mock, Because I Don’t Understand

I am opinionated about a whole range of topics with little knowledge on a very small number of things.

The result of this less-than-ideal combination of personality and intellectual (in)capacity is that I have a tendency to mock, rather loudly and proudly, things I don’t understand.


To Overachieving Eagles: How to Inflate Your GPA

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Letter to an Eagle

Being a natural overachiever, many of you will seek to become the cream of the crop of American society by obtaining a degree that’s even higher than the Bachelor of Arts, like M.A., M.D., J.D., M.B.A. or Ph.D.

As an overeducated double Eagle myself, I have some experience with knowing what it takes to get into grad school. Apart from the obligatory standardized test, with which I can offer no advice, and your personal statement, regarding which I’ve already written before, the next most important part of your application is your Grade Point Average. And on that topic I have some handy pointers, all of which I picked up during my four collegiate years that was dedicated to avoiding a GPA trap.


Reading Isn’t What It Used to Be, and That’s a Good Thing

Now that I’m working as a lawyer, I’m mired in the world of writing from hell, where letters start with “Reference is hereby made to….” and “effect” is used as a verb. But I have now been released from the world in which reading is associated with words like “required” and “grades,” so I can seek refuge by setting my own terms on what I read. Remembering what primary and secondary school reading was like, the most important condition I’ve set is that the material has to be entertaining. This automatically disqualifies books by John Grisham, whose books have become more dreadful with each new release since “The Streetlawyer.” It also makes non-fiction a distrustful category because reality is mostly a bore.


To Current Eagles: Seek a Liberal Arts Education, Not a Job Training

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Letter to an Eagle

(Original in English) This is a second in a series, titled “Letter to an Eagle,” I author a letter to past, current, and/or future students of Boston College, expressing  my views on my beloved alma mater, advising on surviving and thriving, and sharing personal stories from my collegiate (and law

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