Joe Michael Sasanuma Obituary

Joe Michael Sasanuma, who earlier today died at the eternal age of 18, never had a moment in which he didn’t enjoy life.

He lived by the words “What’s the point of living if you can’t feel alive?”, a line fittingly taken from the James Bond movie “The World is Not Enough”.  Of the many things Joe loved about life, watching and critiquing movies, with the James Bond series closest to his heart, was on his list of top ten.

Joe’s unique talent was having opinions and verbally expressing them, often with very little thought.  One-liner insults were his specialty.  Joe referred to actress Denise Richards, who co-starred in the aforementioned James Bond film, as “The bitch who ruined a perfectly fine James Bond film.”  Of Picasso, he said “I know shit when I see one.”  But Joe always kept the best lines for liberals, about whom he memorably declared “Everyone has the right to be wrong.”


What I Had to Go Through in College as a Conservative, Liberals Should Experience, Too

I have had enough of reading about liberal college students on liberal college campuses complaining about their liberal sensitivities being offended.

These people are not entitled not to be offended.

The reason I know this is because if they have such an entitlement, so do I, and if I were to have such entitlement, the very people who are complaining now will never be allowed to speak another word because much of what they do and say are quite offensive to me.


Dreams Becoming Reality (Or Is It Reality Becoming a Dream?)

It’s unusual enough to recall a dream you had the night prior, but it’s truly rare to have a dream with more or less the same story which I always recall because it’s literally dé ja vu.

It goes something like this. It is the last week of classes and I am panicking because it dawns on me that I have a couple classes that I haven’t done any work for. There’s a math class, for example, that I’ve stopped attending because I figured math is my strength and I can complete and submit the daily homework in the last week of classes. Or there’s that English class which I vaguely recall had a requirement to submit a major paper at the end of the semester, but I can’t be sure because I’ve also been skipping that class for weeks.


Music and My Life Moments

My life consists of obsessions and it’s no different with music.  When I buy new music, I listen to it over and over (and over and over) again until it is playing in my head and driving me insane.  I then find the next music to obsess about.   Because of this, many of the songs I listen to bring back a particular memory–fond and not so fond–of different moments of my life.


Make Your Personal Statement Personal

(Original in English) It’s that time of the year when people are applying to law schools.  Because I’ve gone through the application process myself, I’ve been asked to review personal statements over the years.  Based on that (and  the opportunity to review some applications in law school), I’ve developed certain views


In Defense of My Education…

(Original in English) A couple months ago, I defended lawyers. To show that I can make myself even more lovable, today I defend my educational background, which I thought spoke for itself.  For this show of narcissism that’s paralleled, y’all can thank my office neighbor, who, upon hearing the details of my

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