To Tristan, My Newly-Married Friend: Thanks for the Friendship Defined by Differences

(English Only) Tristan, As I attended the ceremony celebrating your matrimony with Becca, I thought about our friendship–about how it all began, how it deepened over the years and how it’s thrived on our many differences. I remember your joking once that I’m the first Republican you’d ever met, and


To My Newly-Married Friend, Tom: May You and Kris-Stella Together Contribute to the Betterment of the World

Congratulations, my friend, for finding in Kris-Stella someone who not only shares your values in making a lasting impact in this world, but someone who can also be right there with you in that ever-important journey.

I wish you and Kris-Stella a life full of happiness and achievement, not just for your sake, but for the sake of the rest of us.


What I Had to Go Through in College as a Conservative, Liberals Should Experience, Too

I have had enough of reading about liberal college students on liberal college campuses complaining about their liberal sensitivities being offended.

These people are not entitled not to be offended.

The reason I know this is because if they have such an entitlement, so do I, and if I were to have such entitlement, the very people who are complaining now will never be allowed to speak another word because much of what they do and say are quite offensive to me.


To Entitled Eagles: You’re Not Special

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Letter to an Eagle

Dear Entitled Eagles,

Despite attending a prestigious university called Boston College, there are certain things that you are not entitled to.

First, you’re not entitled to any particular grade. Certainly not an A or a B, or even a C+.

Grades measure your knowledge and abilities, however imperfectly. If you exhibit superior capabilities, you get high marks. If you exhibit deficiencies, you get low marks.


I Hate Wednesdays

I recently had a revelation. The day of the week that I hate the most is not the widely-detested Monday, but rather is, far and away, Wednesday.

The best day of the week is, of course, Saturdays because they’re right in middle of the weekend, as defined the American way as lasting from Friday through Sunday. On Saturdays, I get to sleep in, look forward to catching a movie at a theater and have a long, nice, relaxing dinner together with the family. Nothing, not even work, can ruin a day that starts out in perfect fashion without an alarm going off. And the best part about Saturdays is the way they end: with another long night of sleep that is not rudely interrupted.

Because I value sleep over pretty much anything, Friday comes after Saturday on my list of favorite days of the week. Yes, there’s that annoying thing called work on Fridays, but for all practical purposes, Fridays are like half-days because people are already in weekend mode by the early afternoon anyways. By 3:00 P.M. on a Friday, work is mostly a lost cause, so I figure I might as well just give up completely and look forward to the hours and hours, hopefully numbering in double digits, of sleep that is coming my way.


What I Discovered by Googling My Name

Have you ever Googled yourself?

I have, but that probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you who know how much of a narcissistic egomaniac I am.

Even if it’s in your nature to be more humble and reserved than I, I still recommend that you occasionally run a search of yourself at, if only to find out how you are viewed by the world. The odds are what you find out will both be surprising and not so surprising as it was for me.


We All Owe LeBron James an Apology

In a measured, thoughtful, and emotional manner, he shows in that SI piece all the dignity that was missing four years ago. Not even a press conference this time, he says. Just his thoughts in his own words. Then to getting to work.

He shows a remarkable depth of self-perspective. Regarding the response in Cleveland after The Decision, he sympathizes because he can put himself in the shoes of the kids who idolized an athlete, who picked up and left. Of the championships that he probably could have won had he stayed in Miami, he knows that one win for Northeast Ohio would mean more than any more in Miami.

I think LeBron always had this self-perspectiveness in him, even four years ago when he left to go to the Miami Heat. It’s because he had that perspective that he was able to say that he needed to get away and learn what he couldn’t at home: how to win a championship.

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