Let’s Have More of the Winter

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The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s a tough one month period because, after the calendar turns to December, the mind begins the countdown towards Christmas. On the other hand, there is something indescribably jolly about this time period. It’s not just the shopping for the gifts, the colorful red and green illuminations, the Christmas carols and the holiday dinners. Japan has embraced the commercialization of the Christmas season as much as the United States, but there’s a distinct difference that I suspect comes from cultural differences that can’t be simply imitated. For all the materialism that seems to drive Christmas, the holiday season has an intrinsically special meaning for people that puts everybody in good spirits. And happiness breeds more happiness, something I observed even while I was living in the perpetually grumpy New York.


There is So Much to Love About Autumn

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Four Seasons

Autumn is one of those gifts from God where it seems like everything comes together. It’s not only pleasant to be outside, but also beautiful to see. If my mood is to be indoors, there’s plenty of things to do and get excited about indoors. The season of autumn is special all the way to the end. Thanksgiving, that most wonderful of holidays in the States, marks the official end of fall (at least for me), as the weather begins to feel exactly right and the Holiday spirits fill the air. Yes, I love the fall. It’s a shame it only comes once a year.


Music and My Life Moments

My life consists of obsessions and it’s no different with music.  When I buy new music, I listen to it over and over (and over and over) again until it is playing in my head and driving me insane.  I then find the next music to obsess about.   Because of this, many of the songs I listen to bring back a particular memory–fond and not so fond–of different moments of my life.


Only in Sports

(Original in English) Stunning?  Surreal?  Preposterous? No words can adequately describe the wildness on the last day of Major League Baseball’s 2011 regular season in the American League. The turn of events were so insane that the historic collapse by the Atlanta Braves in the National League was an afterthought. 

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