There is So Much to Love About Autumn

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Autumn is one of those gifts from God where it seems like everything comes together. It’s not only pleasant to be outside, but also beautiful to see. If my mood is to be indoors, there’s plenty of things to do and get excited about indoors. The season of autumn is special all the way to the end. Thanksgiving, that most wonderful of holidays in the States, marks the official end of fall (at least for me), as the weather begins to feel exactly right and the Holiday spirits fill the air. Yes, I love the fall. It’s a shame it only comes once a year.


The Legacy of Alex Rodriguez: A Reputation in Shatters

Whatever personal accolades Rodriguez sought, history won’t be too kind in rewarding him. Decades from now, he will be looked upon, not as a teenage phenom who became one of the greatest player ever, but as a guy who lied and cheated his way into a half a billion dollars while returning only one world championship for a team that was already loaded with talent.

Reputation matters, no matter what kind of livelihood we lead. It matters whether employers and clients view you as diligent or whether colleagues see you as reliable. For professional athletes, who is constantly in the public limelight, the value of the opinion of others is one of the most important asset they have. After all, a ballot by observers determines whether they are immortalized in the Hall of Fame.


Why I Admire Josh Hamilton Despite (Because of) His Latest Relapse

When I heard that Texas Rangers’ outfielder Josh Hamilton relapsed with alcohol again, I felt an indescribable mix of awe, sadness, courage, inspiration and strength.  Hamilton epitomizes the best and worst of human beings, the amazing things we are capable of but also the depths to which we can sink.  When I look at Hamilton, I see a perfectly imperfect man.


Only in Sports

(Original in English) Stunning?  Surreal?  Preposterous? No words can adequately describe the wildness on the last day of Major League Baseball’s 2011 regular season in the American League. The turn of events were so insane that the historic collapse by the Atlanta Braves in the National League was an afterthought. 


It’s March Again and It’s Madness, Frozen and Fantastic

(Original in English) It’s March again and you know what that means. March Madness Frozen Four Fantasy Baseball The sports trifecta. It’s sad to know that I’ve reached a point and career in my life where no one bothers to invite me to fill out a bracket unless I beg.

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