Announcing Major Changes to the Blog

The site’s look and feel has gone through a complete remake.

Whereas the goal of the old site was simplicity, the new site seeks to combine more color, accessibility and readability.

The update is accompanied with various new features to encourage engagement, like easier sharing of posts on social media and ratings of posts.

Although it’s late in coming, a Related Posts feature has also been added. This feature should provide a fairly reliable recommendation of posts in light of my clean-up of tags and categories.


No, I’m Not Changing the Title of This Blog

This post is in response to his suggestion that I should change the title (and the tagline(s)) if I want more readers.

Here’s my non-lengthy reply: No.

The title of this blog has a deep and rich history that dates back to days well before the blog itself (which, by the way, is closing in on a five year anniversary). In high school, I wrote a column for the school paper whose range of topics was even more random than this blog. If I recall, I was called to the job because the editor needed a columnist and I agreed to do the job so long as I could choose the title of the column. Since I was going to write about “my me my, what I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see,” as Tobey Keith so rythematically put it in his catchy “I Wanna Talk About Me,” the phrase “The World According to Joe” seemed like the perfect fit. The editor didn’t disagree, and he added more color to the column by adding a logo of a man standing on top of the world.

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